What is pharmacy?

At its core pharmacy is about helping people to stay well.

Whilst a pharmacy is a place where pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dispensing assistants and pharmacy colleagues do prepare and dispense medicines for patients, in reality, it is a lot more than this!

Pharmacy colleagues can specialise in different areas and work in number of different places, this includes in:

  • Community pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Academia
  • Primary care
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • The military
  • Veterinary pharmacy

Each area of pharmacy comes with different challenges and rewards. For more information on the range of different options from a pharmacy career, please visit the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) website.

This site is focused on community pharmacy. Community pharmacies are pharmacies based in the community. You have probably been into a community pharmacy many times and you will have definitely seen them on highstreets, in supermarkets, at train stations and at lots of other places.

Community pharmacies are fast paced environments. Pharmacists are responsible for providing patients with guidance on safe and effective medicine use, they respond to patients’ symptoms and giving advice on how patients can get more from their medicines. Some community pharmacists also prescribe medicines and most pharmacies offer a range of clinical services.

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