Resources for teachers and parents

If you are a teacher, parent or guardian, looking to speak to a young person about what a career in community pharmacy means, you might find the resources below useful!

The NPA and CCA have also developed a hub of materials specific to Scotland which can be accessed here. These includes slides for use by teachers and careers advisors.

Kids questions answered

The National Pharmacy Association put questions posed by kids about a career in pharmacy to two experienced community pharmacists.

The children asked some really great questions. You can watch the answers below.

  • Whether young people should consider a career in community pharmacy (1.20)
  • Working in a community pharmacy rather than other places (3.15)
  • Changes in community pharmacy (5.30)
  • Being a pharmacist, rather than a doctor or a dentist (11.55)
  • Women in pharmacy (15.06)
  • What qualities make a good pharmacist (17.15)
  • The best and worst things about being a community pharmacist (21.45 mins)

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